An Introduction

Sometimes, the act of sharing the progress you’re making is a good way to keep on making progress. That’s the point of this blog. This is a behinds the scenes look into my life, and the progress made in the multitude of places that I work in. Some of these posts might be some technological […]

Small Update

Hello, Guys and Gals! Just wanted to provide a small update on things, let you know what’s going on since it’s been a while since I’ve last updated. This blog isn’t quite dead. I’ve been working on some posts, but just haven’t gotten them quite done-enough to publish. I’ll be finishing those up soon, and […]

Fixing Bootstrap’s anchors when using a fixed-position navbar

If you’re using Bootstrap 3’s fixed-position navbar, you may notice that when you click on a link that goes to somewhere else in your document, the navbar covers the top part of the div you’re linking to. You can add a little bit of javascript to the page to not only keep this from happening, […]

Motivation: An Experiment

I’ve noticed something about my ability to motivate myself today. I’ve recently come across a motivational trick where you pretty much tell everyone on social media that you’re doing something, and then you suddenly feel bad and force yourself to do that thing. The thing is, I’ve tried that before and I’m not really able […]